Down Load Demo Programs:

The NavPak demo is a working copy of the Professional edition without the GPS plotting. All the traditional navigation features are enabled.

The demo can be used as a chart viewer, route planner, and for navigation using traditional coastal and celestial techniques. The demo also includes a simulator function that allows you to simulate and control a GPS, RADAR and AIS. Included are the complete Help files for NavPak and MapSetup.

The demo includes a few small sample charts to illustrate some common chart file formats. To get the full effect of a charting system on your PC, you should have 3 or 4 different scale charts or maps of your area, then you can build a Chart Library as explained in the NavPak help file. A Chart Library will allow you to use the demo to quickly move in and out through detail levels of your area and to load the correct chart as your position moves using the GPS Simulator. For advanced users, you can use the demo to follow a Route using Autopilot control. Sample chart sets to build a Chart Library are available below.

The NavPak demo program is contained in a zip file named: You can install it by any of the normal conventions to install a Windows program. It also works with the Install feature in WinZip, or you can open and install it manually. Please read the file Readme.txt contained in the zip file. The installation will not add any hidden files, and it will not change any other files or system settings. Uninstall is clean and easy.
[Down Load NavPak Pro Demo] ( file size: 12 MB ) Updated Feb 2, 2016

If you prefer not to download and install the NavPak demo program, then the NavPak-Pro and MapSetup Help files are available separately. These help files have a complete description of all the features of NavPak, illustrated with plenty of screen shots. They are standard Windows Help files (.chm) which are fully indexed and cross referenced. The help files, together with the [Quick Tour] give a quick and complete overview of NavPak, and digital navigation in general.
[Down Load NavPak-Pro Help file] ( file size: 3 mb )
[Down Load MapSetup Help file] ( file size: 3 mb )

Down Load Sample Charts:

The NavPak demo contains small sample charts. Larger samples in various formats are as follows:
[Down Load S-57 SENC] San Diego Harbor. This is an S-57 ENC cell converted to a NavPak SENC chart with MapSetup.
[Down Load S-57 SENC] Southern California. This is a group of S-57 ENC cells integrated into a single chart using MapSetup.
[Down Load S-57 SENC] Boston to Manchester. This is a group of S-57 ENC cells integrated into a single chart using MapSetup.
[Down Load Chart Set] Sample chart set of New England. This includes NOAA ENC and NOAA RNC charts.
[Down Load Sample Topo map] 7.5 minute Topographic map of the midwest US, made by USGS.

For US waters, full chart coverage in the S-57 ENC and BSB formats is available free online from NOAA.

Down Load C-Map world wide coverage:

C-Map world background chart and world wide coverage in Levels A and B. These combined files are equivalent to about 70 free charts, giving world wide coverage in World, General, and Coastal or Offshore chart scale catagories. To use these, install the NavPak Pro demo and then unzip the files into the NavPak folder.
[Down Load C-Map World charts] ( file size: 16 mb )

Down Load C-Map Driver for USB and PCMCIA Card Readers:

This is for the older C-Map card Readers (Gray). For the newer Multimedia C-Map card Readers (Orange), Please use the driver that came with the reader. This is a self running exe file. Double click on the file name (cmapdriverssetup100.exe) to install.
[Down Load C-Map Driver] ( file size: 5 mb )

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